Essence of Schgaguler

A hotel of casual luxury set in the heart of the Dolomites in Südtirol / Alto Adige, Schgaguler is about simple elegance. A culture of art, design and creativity headline the smart, bespoke interiors of this cool residence, an iconic architectural restoration nestled in center of the picturesque mountain village of Castelrotto. 

Our source of inspiration.

The Dolomites in
Our Hearts.

Nestled amidst these majestic mountains lies the Schgaguler Hotel, a refuge whose foundation is imbued with the unique characteristics of the surrounding Alpine landscape.


The colour palette and timeless aesthetics of our establishment reflect the beauty and grandeur of the Dolomites. Here, where nature speaks its own language, unfolds the essence of Schgaguler – a harmonious symbiosis between Alpine simplicity and modern comfort. Welcome to a world where the magic of the Dolomites is palpable in every detail.

Dolomitgestein - Detailaufnahme
Dolomite rock at the Molignon Pass

“The Dolomites, those pale mountains, reveal their tales through shimmering white rock, a soft melody that brushes against the sky.”

The Schgaguler Hotel at night
North facade of the Hotel Schgaguler
North facade

“Alpine craftsmanship is characterized by local, high-quality materials, simple yet refined constructions. These attributes weave a timeless pattern into our interiors – a silent ode to the art of building and making amidst majestic mountains.”

Martin Schgaguler

Alpine craftsmanship is characterized by local, high-quality materials A silent tribute to the art of craftsmanship amidst majestic mountains. Alpine craftsmanship is distinguished by local, high-quality materials.
Hiking in the Dolomites
Bedroom in our Family Suite
Bedroom of the Family Suite

“Between the peaks and valley floors lies a timeless beauty, a life in rhythm with nature, where crisp mountain air and the gentle murmuring of streams set the pace – a simple yet fulfilling existence amidst majestic peaks.”

Peter Schgaguler

Gourmet restaurant at the Schgaguler Hotel The lobby of the Schgaguler Hotel

The mountains here are like another world. The bizarre rock formations and majestic peaks define this unique place. In designing the house, we deliberately sought to capture this transformative energy. Each room reflects the mystique and grandeur of the mountain landscape, inspired by the distinctive shapes and beauty of the Dolomites. We have used local materials to create a harmonious connection to the surroundings. Our house not only combines aesthetics but also substance, emphasizing the authenticity and uniqueness of the Dolomites.

Wishbone chair and Basica table lamp in the rooms of the Boutique Hotel Schgaguler
Dawn in the Dolomites, photographed near Rifugio Re Alberto 1° A landscape photograph of the Dolomites Sunset from the Hotels Balcony

As the sun slowly bids farewell behind the majestic peaks, the white rock of the Dolomites unveils a magical sunset. A play of light and shadow bathes the mountain landscape in a breathtaking array of colours – a silent drama that cloaks rocks and sky in flaming nuances of gold and purple.

Extravagant Bottles of Liquor in the hotel bar of the Boutique Hotel Schgaguler
The hotel bar

Find peace and renewal in the Dolomites. Our house combines natural beauty with stylish comfort. Discover what truly matters – your retreat in the mountains.

Photography of a Night-Scene at Passo Pordoi, in the Dolomites. By Martin Schgaguler
Night Scene at Passo Pordoi from the "SAXUM" series by Martin Schgaguler
The Loft Suite Schgaguler-Hotel
Room details

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