A space of silent encounters

The purest mountain that surrounds us and enchants us at every awakening. The bold and engaging geometries for which we longed to rethink our home. Hospitality, a family legacy. Three dimensions, three ways of being, three inspirations. Here at the Schgaguler, all this dialogues harmoniously in our personal triangulation of nature, architecture and humanity.

An intense white and the architectural peaks designed by architect Peter Pichler are the first to greet you. Then come the crystalline transparency of the high windows, which allow the eye to wander off and come back as it pleases. Finally, the natural colours of the outside world, reverberating with life in the essential design of the interiors.

There is so much to explore around here. There is so much to discover in here. The doors to our cosmopolitan retreat overlooking the Dolomites are open for you.


You are here, at last. Come in, we have been waiting for you.

The Hotel

Waking up with a view of the Dolomites in the loft suite at Schgaguler Hotel.

The Rooms

Crystal-clear light bursts in through the large windows. Wood is coloured by a thousand shades. The bathtub is ready to be filled. Duvets are plush. Furnishings are delicately and invitingly calming. Walls are immaculate. Make yourself comfortable in the rooms we have prepared for you. Simple, essential and restful, just like the mountain life you are about to enjoy.

The freestanding bathtub and main bathroom of the Family Suite at Hotel Schgaguler in Kastelruth Open rain shower in the Gable Suite at Boutique Hotel Schgaguler in Kastelruth. Stairs to the second floor of the Gable Suite.

“Our rooms reflect the simplicity of alpine life – stripped down to the essentials. Local, high-quality materials, as well as craftsmanship, create the perfect environment for your absolute repose.”

Martin Schgaguler

Ambiance at the Hotel

Natural elegance

Indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Dolomites at the Schgaguler, where the rugged peaks unveil their splendor indoors and out. Architect Peter Pichler’s masterful use of high glass windows frames these iconic spires, seamlessly merging the natural landscape with the hotel’s design. Inside, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Martin Schgaguler’s monumental photographic artworks, gracing the halls, social spaces, and corridors, effortlessly bringing the essence of the Dolomites into the heart of our establishment. Feel the essence of the region as you relax amidst our contemporary furnishings, expertly crafted from local wood, and sink into the comfort of our rich loden armchairs, echoing the timeless beauty of the surrounding forests.

The staircase offers interesting views over the rooftops of Castelrotto
Corridor on the 4. floor

In front of the fireplace at the bar, on a lounger in the Wellness & Spa area or at a table in our restaurant. Every room is designed for you to take part in the uninterrupted dialogue between nature and architecture, mountains and design, the freedom of the landscape and the intimacy of the home. For every moment of your stay, out there or in here, is precious.

The Lobby of Schgaguler Hotel Relaxing Pool of Schgaguler Hotel The Entrance of the Schgaguler Hotel during Winter
The Majestic Hotel Bar of Schgaguler Hotel

“The Schgaguler is an inspiring symphony of nature, architecture, and hospitality, the perfect base camp for your adventures in the Dolomites.”

Tobias Schgaguler

Warm Hospitality

“Beyond accommodation, a heartfelt home.”

Cultivating hospitality is a time-honored tradition at Schgaguler. Our team serves as your guide, advisor, and companion throughout your stay. We recognize that every smile and gesture of care makes a meaningful impact.

Elisabeth Schgaguler Peter Schgaguler Tobias Schgaguler

In our mountain sanctuary, simplicity reigns supreme. Every detail whispers of refined elegance, unfettered by excess. With a focus on quality, we offer a haven where authenticity is the ultimate luxury.

Drinks on our Sundeck
Check-in at Hotel Schgaguler in Kastelruth

In our house, every corner is carefully considered, every service point lovingly crafted. We aim for you to not only be guests but to become part of our inspiring symphony. Here, amidst the Dolomites, we haven’t just created a place to stay, but a home for unforgettable experiences.

The sundeck and the bar on our balkony

Amidst the mountains, one finds solace for the restless soul, where the whispers of the winds echo ancient wisdom, and the rugged terrain offers a canvas for self-discovery.

Experience the Magic of the Dolomites, We Look Forward to Welcoming You!

The Team of Schgaguler Hotel

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