The larger pool awaits experienced swimmers for their laps, while the smaller pool maintains the perfect temperature, offering a relaxing massage for those seeking tranquility. On the terrace, a whirlpool provides pure pleasure, especially during Castelrotto’s winters. Pure relaxation awaits on the comfortable loungers, in the pleasantly quiet and warm relaxation rooms. Our beauty department staff are available at all times for rejuvenating treatments, the saunas are in operation, and the fitness studio is fully equipped. Our wellness and spa area can be the perfect place to breathe wellness and recharge at any time of the day. Body and mind relax and rejuvenate, feeling reborn.

Sport & Vitality Body Massage (25/50 min)€49/84
Sport & Vitality Body Wrap (25 min)€47,00
Detoxifying Alpine Fango Body Wrap (25 min)€47,00
Full-Body Scrub with Hay Extracts (25 min)€47,00
Aroma Salt Body Scrub (25 min)€44,00
Mind Relaxing Aroma Massage (25/50 min)€44/74
Moisturizing Body Wrap (25 min)€47,00
Deep Relax Stone Massage (50 min)€84,00
Dynamic Recreation Back Massage (50 min)€86,00
Relaxing Head Neck Massage (50 min)€84,00
Dynamic Feet & Legs Massage (50 min)€79,00
Intense Purifying Face Treatment (50 min)€89,00
Cellular Recreation Face Treatment (80 min)€119,00
Advanced Biolifting Face Treatment (110 min)€157,00
Express Ultrasonic Facial Treatment (50 min)€98,00
Premium Ultrasonic Facial Treatment€139,00
  1. 01


    3 days relaxation for body and mind

    1x Aroma massage
    1x Basalt stone massage
    1x Moisturizing Body Wrap

    € 175,00

  2. 02

    Release tension

    3 days intensive body banding

    1x Rebuilding back treatment
    1x Head-neck-shoulder massage
    1x Foot & leg massage

    € 210,00

  3. 03

    Beauty care

    The 4-day program for beauty and well-being

    1x Beauty care (80 min)
    1x Pedicure with nail polish
    1x Manicure with nail polish
    1x Aromatic salt peeling

    € 240,00

  4. 04


    Little taster program to get to know

    1x Revitalizing sports massage
    1x Vital body wrap
    1x Foot & leg massage

    € 178,00


Swimming pool at the Schgaguler Hotel in Castelrotto, South Tyrol.


Many possibilities, one goal: to fully enjoy the infinite pleasures of water. Indoors, those who love to relax will find a 14-meter-long pool heated to a pleasant temperature, where to unwind, stroke after stroke. A healthy and energetic counter-current stream will add to the unique experience.

The main Pool at the Schgaguler Hotel The Relaxation Area at Schgaguler Hotel The Massage pool at Schgaguler Hotel

Those who prefer peace and quiet can dive into the nestled, warm and enveloping pool with massage jets. Outdoors, the panoramic Jacuzzi is accessible from the wellness area and the hotel bar alike. The perfect place for refreshing dip with a view on the mountains.

“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”


Sylvia Plath

The main Pool at the Schgaguler Hotel



The sun graces our sun deck at every season, especially in spring and summer. When the mountain air shimmers with clarity and the view is set upon the Sciliar, the loungers on the terrace under a parasol or the whirlpool become the perfect spots to deeply inhale the Dolomites.

The Sun Deck at Schgaguler Hotel

“The Dolomites have a way of making you feel small in the best possible way.”

The sun terrace in the Boutique Hotel Schgaguler in Castelrotto near the Alpe di Siusi
  1. 01

    Relaxing Massages

    The Dolomites are a source of inspiration, even when it comes to the care of the body. Our massages make you feel good, also because of the cosmetics we employ, made entirely from mountain products.

  2. 02

    Terrace with Whirlpool

    The sunshine up here is extraordinary all year-round. We recommend that you take a seat on our scenic terrace made from local pine wood. For we do not want you to miss out even on a single ray of sunshine.

  3. 03


    Natural warmth is the most wonderful there is for the body. With temperatures ranging from 70°C to 85°C, our modern and functional saunas are suitable for everyone.

  4. 04


    You should never renounce working out, even on vacation. In our gym, you will find a wide range of equipment to keep you fit and train your strength and endurance.


Finnish Sauna (Kelo)

Kelo wood, made from the ancient trunks of Arctic spruces, is the result of decades of natural dehydration, caused by the dry climate of Finnish forests. This is the extraordinary material that enshrines our original Kelo sauna. Its high temperature (80-85°C) and low humidity make it extremely pleasant, stimulating for the circulation and well tolerated by the body. For deep cleansing sessions.

Finnish kelo wood sauna at Hotel Schgaguler Finnish sauna in the wellness area of the Hotel Schgaguler

Bio Sauna

Natural aromas have an immediate relaxing, soothing and purifying effect. The intensity of the temperature, combined with the benefits of mountain herbs, stimulates the metabolism and eliminates excess fluids and toxins, promoting cell renewal and strengthening the immune system. A special selection of dried herbs and hay from the local Kräuterhof Pfleger farm makes our Bio Sauna a genuine wellness experience for body and mind.

The bio sauna at Boutique Hotel Schgaguler

Steam Bath

The moderate temperature combined with high humidity relaxes the muscles and has an immediate beneficial effect on blood circulation and breathing. The addition of precious essential oils of natural origin has relaxing and regenerating effects: stress is reduced, the skin is deeply purified, and the body is cleansed. Toxins and free radicals are purged.

The Steam Bath (Hammam) at the Schgaguler Hotel's SPA area Soothing sauna sessions at the Hotel Schgaguler after skiing on the Alpe di Siusi
Ice room in the Boutique Hotel Schgaguler near the Alpe di Siusi
Ice Room

Ice Room

Benefits come from the cold as much as from the warm. “Broken ice” cools one down between sauna sessions. The contact of the body with the ice stimulates blood circulation and gives new energy and vitality.

Massages and scrubs in the beauty department of the Hotel Schgaguler The mud bath in the hotel Schgaguler


Mud baths provide relaxing treatments for the skin and the body. The combined effect of heat, infrared and steam favours the complete absorption of active ingredients by the skin.

Impressions of our SPA

Rejuvenation at the SPA

Immerse yourself in pure relaxation at Schgaguler Spa, a sanctuary for body and mind. Our highly skilled therapists understand the art of rejuvenation and create individual wellness experiences tailored to your needs.


From soothing massages to revitalizing treatments, we offer an oasis of tranquility where you’ll feel completely pampered. Take this time for yourself and let our experts guide you into a world of renewal.

Soothing treatments with local herbs in the Boutique Hotel Schgaguler in South Tyrol
Herbal Massage

“The care of the body is the foundation for the well-being of the soul. In the art of wellness and bathing culture, we discover the key to inner balance and radiant joy of life.”

Portrait of Steffi, our head of the Schgaguler SPA Facial Treatment at Hotel Schgaguler

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