After skiing or hiking, relax in our SPA area. Two indoor pools, outdoor whirlpool, sauna-area with relaxation room, spa-treatments and gym provide maximum well-being.

Classic Massage (45 min)€49,00
Hot-Stone Massage (80 min)€75,00
Partial classic Massage (20 min)€31,00
Antistress Massage (45 min)€49,00
Aromatic oil Massage (45 min)€52,00
Lymphmassage (45 min)€51,00
Partial Lymphmassage (20 min)€32,00
Reflexology (45 min)€44,00
Short reflexology (20 min)€33,00
Vital Boli regenerating massage with alpine herbs (50 min)€65,00
Dorsalis massage by Vitalis (50 min)€60,00
  1. 01

    Anti - Cellulite - Package

    The 4-day programme for staff skin

    1 Full body peeling with fruit acids
    2 Fango packs "Absolute Minseur"
    2 Body treatments "part system”
    1 Seaweed slimming pack
    1 Anti-cellulite massage
    1 Age Logic Minceur - Anti-Cellulite Cream (for the optimal treatment at home)

    € 266,00

  2. 02

    Skin like velvet and silk

    The 2-day programme for soft skin

    1 Full body peeling according to Guinot
    1 Evening primrose cream oil bath
    1 Cleopatra bath
    1 Classic full body massage

    € 125,00

  3. 03

    Beauty days for you

    The 4-days programme for beauty and well-being

    1 Facial treatment "Hydradermie" with ocular treatment
    1 Skin diagnosis with product consultation
    1 Pedicure with foot massage
    1 Manicure with hand massage
    1 Whole body peeling to Guinot
    1 Night candle cream oil bath
    1 Aromatic oil massage
    1 Solarium

    207. 00€

  4. 04

    Wellness for Her and Him

    Little taster program to get to know

    1 facial treatment "Aromatic" with skin diagnosis and product consultation
    1 Chardonnay - Trestebad with peeling effect
    1 classical whole - body massage
    1 "Kraxenofen"

    144. 00€



In the pool area, you will find a swimming pool, a massage pool and an outdoor whirlpool. The swimming pool is a generous 14 m in length; the pleasant water temperature offers optimal conditions for swimming. Equipped with a countercurrent system, the soothing swimming units can do your body a world of good. The massage pool is smaller, warmer and equipped with various massage jets and underwater massage tables. The outdoor whirlpool is located on the wooden terrace and is accessible from the wellness area and the hotel bar.

Wellness and SPA Boutique Hotel Schgaguler
Swimming Pool
  1. 01

    Soothing massages

    Relaxing applications with long-term effect

    Applications with high-quality cosmetic products from the Dolomites.

  2. 02

    Sundeck with whirlpool

    Relaxation with mountain view

    The sun deck made of local pine wood offers the best conditions for sunbathing in the summer months.

  3. 03

    Various saunas

    A variety of saunas with varying temperatures

    With temperatures of 70°C - 85°C, our saunas offer the best conditions for every sauna-goer.

  4. 04

    In-house fitness room

    Daily routine even on holiday

    In the fully equipped fitness room you will find a variety of endurance and strength training equipment.


Finnish Sauna

The Finnish Sauna is build in kelo wood. This dead and naturally dried wood from the polar spruce tree is the result of decades of dehydration in the dry, cold polar climate of the Finnish woodland and emanates a pleasant natural scent. The thermal structure of this sauna is extremely comfortable and very beneficial.

Finnish kelo wood sauna at Hotel Schgaguler Finnish sauna in the wellness area of the Hotel Schgaguler
The bio sauna at Boutique Hotel Schgaguler

Organic Sauna

The intense effect of temperature and natural mountain herbs make the organic sauna something extraordinary.
The herbal selection used from the local organic herb farm, Kräuterhof Pfleger, also makes this sauna a special experience. The scent and effect of these herbs relax both body and mind.

Steam Bath

The moderate temperature and high humidity relax the muscles and are regarded as gentle on the circulation. You can already notice the addition of fine essences when you enter the bath, which is particularly beneficial for the respiratory tract.

Soothing sauna sessions at the Hotel Schgaguler after skiing on the Alpe di Siusi The steam sauna in the wellness hotel Schgaguler in South Tyrol
Ice room in the Boutique Hotel Schgaguler near the Alpe di Siusi
Ice cave

Ice Room

After the heat comes the cold. The ice room with “crushed ice“ is ideal for cooling and regeneration between sauna sessions.


The Melmarium, a mud bath, is ideal for soothing treatments for skin and body.
The interplay of heat, infrared and steam guarantees optimal absorption of the active ingredients through the skin.

Massages and scrubs in the beauty department of the Hotel Schgaguler The mud bath in the hotel Schgaguler

“Make a commitment to yourself, to your self-care, to your well-being, to your life.”

Impressions of our SPA

Facial treatment at the Hotel Schgaguler
Facial Treatment
Soothing treatments with local herbs in the Boutique Hotel Schgaguler in South Tyrol
Herbal Massage

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