The living concept of the Hotel Schgaguler

Our hotel embodies a very simple design principle: Our guests should be able to enjoy the wonderful view regardless of where they are – in the bathroom, the bedroom, the living and dining area, etc. On one hand, that means that our hotel features an open architectural design; on the other, it also affords a great deal of privacy. Guests from northern countries are sure to find this as pleasant and appealing as our visitors from the south.
We believe that this open architectural design permits our guests to move about freely, make use of our numerous amenities, and still always enjoy the unique natural landscape in which our hotel is embedded.


Every color has a subtle yet profound influence upon our mood, emotional state, and sense of well-being. We have therefore instituted a color scheme in accordance with these well-known principles. This is visible in the various different areas of our hotel (e.g., in the Beauty Farm), where the colors help our guests to relax and enjoy the treatments. In fact, it is reflected throughout our hotel. Consequently, white (which is not defined as a color) is negated.

Homely atmosphere in the restaurant of the Boutique Hotel Schgaguler

Light and sunshine

Light and sunshine are an essential component of our hotel's "chi". Every area of our hotel, including the apartments, the restaurant, the wellness facilities – swimming pool, sauna, beauty farm, and fitness center – and the garden, is in contact with the sun. Every room affords a beautiful view of the mountains to the south – the incomparable Schlern/Sciliar.
The elevator can be regarded as the "backbone" of our hotel. This glass column is located in the center of the building, and can be quickly accessed from every area of our hotel. The open architectural design permits our guests to grasp the hotel's interior layout at a glance.

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