Style & Architecture

The living concept of the Hotel Schgaguler

Our hotel embodies a very simple design principle: Our guests should be able to enjoy the wonderful view regardless of where they are – in the bathroom, the bedroom, the living and dining area, etc. On one hand, that means that our hotel features an open architectural design; on the other, it also affords a great deal of privacy. Guests from northern countries are sure to find this as pleasant and appealing as our visitors from the south.
We believe that this open architectural design permits our guests to move about freely, make use of our numerous amenities, and still always enjoy the unique natural landscape in which our hotel is embedded.

Every color has a subtle yet profound influence upon our mood, emotional state, and sense of well-being. We have therefore instituted a color scheme in accordance with these well-known principles. This is visible in the various different areas of our hotel (e.g., in the Beauty Farm), where the colors help our guests to relax and enjoy the treatments. In fact, it is reflected throughout our hotel. Consequently, white (which is not defined as a color) is negated.

Light and sunshine are an essential component of our hotel's "chi". Every area of our hotel, including the apartments, the restaurant, the wellness facilities – swimming pool, sauna, beauty farm, and fitness center – and the garden, is in contact with the sun. Every room affords a beautiful view of the mountains to the south – the incomparable Schlern/Sciliar.
The elevator can be regarded as the "backbone" of our hotel. This glass column is located in the center of the building, and can be quickly accessed from every area of our hotel. The open architectural design permits our guests to grasp the hotel's interior layout at a glance.

Color as a defining emotional factor

Our basic goal here at the Schgaguler is the regeneration of your "Body and Soul." And this goal is reflected in virtually every feature and aspect of our hotel.

A modern interpretation of the cultural traditions of our province and region – integrated with up-to-date interior design.
In reducing everything to the basic essentials for our hotel, we strive to evoke and excite a maximum of positive emotions with a minimum of conspicuous effects. We view our mission as a success only when you, as the guest, feel free to let yourself go, both physically and emotionally, in order to re-discover yourself.
In designing our hotel, we have dared to question every assumption and presupposition. In redefining everything, we have had to discard many outdated concepts, to reject designs, to smash many conventions, only to sometimes re-assemble their basic components to create novel forms. The result is not merely a new design hotel, but a family-run operation which dares to go in new directions.

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Each material has his function

The process of selecting materials was analogous to the color concept. It is most manifest in the materials used in the swimming pool and sauna area. Each material is appropriate to the given purpose and function.

Light granite tiles (80 x 80 cm) are a unique feature of our indoor swimming pool. The floor slopes towards the pool. The installation of these flagstones was quite a challenge.
The "Sequoia" – a ruby-red stone we used in the "Melmarium" lends this body-care facility a special touch.
The "Verde d'Italia" used in the steam bath, with the "Bianco Tasso," combines the warm mists with the fresh verdure of this natural stone material.
The bright blue of the "Azul" found in the ice grotto is reflected in the walls and radiates coolness.
The solid spruce wood used in the biosauna has a thickness of 25 cm and thus guarantees a pleasant, therapeutic atmosphere with natural breathing.
The "Kelo" Sauna is most certainly the crown jewel of our hotel. This wood comes from the Nordic Pine, and is almost 800 years old. Because of its slow growth rate under the extreme climatic conditions of the far north, its growth rings are very dense. In the north, the tree growth ceases after about 400 years. It then dies over a period of approx. 150 to 250 years, after which it dries out over a period of decades. This process finally ends with the roots rotting off. The Kelo Pine can be harvested only during the winter, by hand, and is towed by motorized sleds over the snow to the nearest street. Only then is the valuable surface of the wood conserved. KELO is a rare and especially valuable wood. Its characteristic qualities result in the optimal radiation of heat, and give it an unmistakable resinous which makes every visit to the sauna a special treat.
We think that you'll appreciate the wonderful texture of this unique and beautiful natural material.

Light - The sun as the elixir of our life

Zen Garden: The domesticated garden design gently guides guests into the magnificent natural backdrop of the Schlern/Sciliar, which is so close that you'll want to reach out and touch it.

The transition from a man-made environment to a natural one is sure to enhance the sense of well-being of every guest. The garden, with its large boulder (which has an interesting history), features an organic layout (the true beauty of which will come to full expression only in a few years) intended to provide a classical/romantic entrée to the surrounding nature. The herbs and shrubs are reminiscent of typical South Tyrolean herbal gardens found in local farms.

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„We just felt comfortable.“

Anita, 28.01.2014  HolidayCheck

The "Schgaguler" Vitalpina Hotel: Your starting point for a wide range of experiences in a natural Alpine landscape. Apartments and suites affording a high level of privacy, intimacy, and independence. Wholesome regional cuisine which our guests can enjoy without a care. The "Wellness Oasis" for pleasure and health amidst elegant surroundings.
Here, all five of your senses are stimulated and activated. In this regard, we attach special importance to the sense of touch and the sense of smell. The materials we use are frequently in their natural state and untreated. Wood isn't varnished or lacquered, but instead only finished with bee's wax.

The local scents and seasonal odors and aromas also receive their due. The result is sometimes a veritable symphony of olfactory impressions.
What would Christmas be without the smell of pine needles and incense, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, mandarins and oranges?

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