Hiking suggestions

Hiking suggestions Alpe di Siusi and Dolomites

The high-altitude plateau and the Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi, part of the Italian Dolomites, offer a wide range of hiking trails and walking paths for young and old, alike. Suitable for sightseeing tours along the area's fortresses and castles (Trostburg, Prösels Castle, the Hauenstein Ruins, etc.). You can follow the trail of the famed ballad-singer Oswald von Wolkenstein.
These easy hikes or strolls will take you through the beautiful landscape of the high-altitude plateau – which are especially appealing in the autumn (when you can take part in the local custom of "Törggelen") and in the spring.

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  • Hiking-Enjoyment

    • All Around the Rose Garden

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      We take the hotel shuttle bus to the Fromm Alpine Meadow. From there, we take the aerial lift to the Rose Garden Hut. We can now directly view the fascinating Rose Garden Group, the fabled realm of the legendary Dwarf King Laurin, who protected his boundless kingdom with a silk thread. After an ascent, we reach the Tschager Pass and continue on to the Zigolade Pass. Enchanting moments amidst the magically shaped walls of the cliff. While we descend to the Pederiva Hut, we can view the impressive Red Wall of the Masaré.

      Duration 6,5 hoursAltitude difference 565 mLevel of difficulty Moderate
  • Hiking in the low mountain range

    • The Friedrich-August Trail

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      We travel to Saltria by bus. We then proceed on foot to the Plattkofel Hut. The "King's Trail" (Königsweg) begins there, and will take us through the passes and over the hills. The "Friedrich-August Trail": Over blossoming meadows and fields, at the foot of the Plattkofel, till we reach the Sella Pass. A magnificent panoramic view of the queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada, and a breathtaking look into the Fassan Dolomites. We continue on our way through the "Petrified City" and to the Comici Hut, and enjoy the view of the Gröden/Gardena Dolomites. We reach Saltria via an easy downhill staircase. We return home by taxi bus.
      Hiking equipment: Good, light boots with high-tread soles providing good traction, and rain protection.

      Duration 5 hoursAltitude difference 780 mLevel of difficulty Moderate
  • Hiking in the high mountains

    • Sciliar – South Tyrol's Trademark Mountain:

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      Across the verdant Alpine meadows and up to the entry point, to ascend the pale mountain. The only one on the edge of the Dolomites which extends so far into the province of South Tyrol. During the ascent, we can enjoy the magnificent view over the high-altitude plateau of the Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi. And then – the moment when you reach the summit, and can marvel at the sight of the Eisack/Isarco Valley below, the distant glaciers… Far from marked paths, we continue to the Gabler, where we can enjoy the unbroken stillness and the wonderful panorama of all of South Tyrol.
      We descend via the Prügel Trail – a unique experience. Between steep cliffs, we cross a bridge made of wooden planks leading over a roaring mountain stream and through a narrow gap. A well-earned rest at the Tuff Alm!

      Duration 5 hoursAltitude difference 730 mLevel of difficulty Moderate
    • Peitlerkofel "Sas de Putia"

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      With the hotel shuttle bus, we travel into South Tyrol’s most-beautiful V-shaped valley: Villnöss/Funes, which is also the birthplace of the extreme mountain climber Reinhold Messner. In view of the mighty towers of the Geisler, we proceed to the Schlüter Hut and over wide fields to the "Old Man of the Mountains" – the Peitlerkofel. The summit is drenched in sunlight; an observation tower stands astride the German-language and Ladin parts of the country. The Peitler has two faces: one a jagged vertical cliff pointing to the north, and the other a more gently sloping side which anyone can climb.
      It affords excellent long-distance seeing, and you can also look down into the branching valleys of the Ladin region, dotted with little mountain villages where this archaic language can still be heard and ancient legends are still alive.
      Hiking equipment: Good, light boots with high-tread soles providing good traction, and rain protection.

      Duration 6 hoursAltitude difference 800 mLevel of difficulty Difficult
    • Lake Antermoia and the Alpine Hut

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      This is certainly among the most-beautiful hiking trails of the Dolomites. The hotel shuttle bus will take you to the Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi and to the Dialer Hut. That's where we begin our trek to the Duron Pass, with its wonderful view of the queen of the Dolomites, the "Marmolada." We hike through the picturesque Duron Valley and then ascend to the Antermoia Hut with its idyllic lake. From there, we can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. After a short rest for refreshments, we continue to the Grassleiten Pass with its fabulous view of the Rose Garden. The realm of King Laurin. We pass through rugged terrain as we proceed to the Molignon Pass. From there, we have a splendid view of the Schlern/Sciliar. At the Tierser Alpl Hut, we take a short rest and then return to the Dialer Hut, all the while enjoying a marvelous view of the Plattkofel and Langkofel.

      Duration 7,5 hoursAltitude difference 910 mLevel of difficulty Difficult

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